Saturday, November 30, 2013

Encouraging Writing

“You can always edit a bad page.
You can’t edit a blank page.”
The White Void
- Jodi Picoult

In my post yesterday I wrote about PEZs and that my PEZ came to work with me both to the office and my writing.  I have to admit, I was reading blogs in order to not have to write. When I try to avoid writing I end up finding something that encourages me to write...or maybe guilts me into writing?
I like Mellissa Donovan's website Writing Forward    She always has something to inspire.  Even the name, Writing Forward, implies moving along, not dragging my feet. 
The post on November 28 from guest writer Sylvia Nankivell was what prompted me to post after... how many months?  
In thinking about writing daily, I've actually been crippling my writing by trying to "carve out a certain time" or "establish a habit."  I'm not a make-a-plan kind of girl, no matter how much the writing posts say you have to do this. 

Inspiration or Distraction?
I've found three things to be most helpful in trying to write every day:
       1.  Don't plan on writing every day. 
             If I say I'm going to write at a certain time something happens and I can't get to it.  But, if I don't plan and have pen and paper with me at all times, the opportunity presents itself.
       2.  Hang out with writers. 
             It's like church.  You want to be encouraged?  Hang out with the true believers.  I meet at least once a week---church on Tuesdays. 
       3.  Stop worrying about writing well and just write
             I know editing is important, but only if there's something on the paper to edit. 

Practice Writing Every Day didn't tell me anything new and profound, but was a reminder that writing is more than something you play at, not if you're serious.  We whine and complain about not having time to write, but it's like anything else.  If you want to do it, you'll find the time. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

November 29th-Bring on the PEZ!

I look at posts of my family on Facebook doing all these family things on Thanksgiving and, while I love my job, I was wishing I'd picked teaching or some other such job....anything instead of medicine.  Anything that would close on the holidays and the day after. I refused to shop on Thanksgiving.  I feel the pain of having to work so others can "get a good deal." At least in my line of work it's not the kids' fault they got sick. 
It's hard to stay aggravated though, when you not only like what you do and the people you work with, but you also get to bring your PEZ to work!  And share the PEZ with others. 
This year Bring Your PEZ to Work coincided with Celebrate Friday.  What better thing to celebrate but PEZ dispensers and a job to bring them to? 
Not satisfied with going to the office, my PEZ joined me for my writing as well.  Next year, though, Captain Jack Sparrow isn't allowed to come.  He's quite distracting when you're trying to be creative.