Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm A Winner

Another Birthday Surprise:  I entered a writing contest and won!  It's my first official contest won as a writer (I don't know if first or second grade things count)
So, you can see it at:

It's called Snowball Fight and is one of my few stories in which nobody dies or is dismembered. Then again, I only had 1,000 words to work with.  Given a few more, who know what mayhem may have ensued. 
Even if you don't like the story, the blogspot is worth checking out.  If you don't see the story yet, give her a little longer.  I was slow answering my email.  I'm already slacking on my New Year's Resolution to keep up with mail better. 

Happy Birthday all who share my day!

Demolition Birthday

 In less than 15 minutes--Louisiana time--it will be my birthday.  I don't mind birthdays at all.  In fact, they can be fun if you let them. How old, you ask?  No, I don't mind the question. 
So, what am I doing for my birthday?  Building a new shed.  The old one is, well, old.  And thanks to Rita it hasn't had a rain that it didn't leak for. So, I had to break down and say I need a new one.  A birthday present to myself.  So, in order to put a new one up, the old has to go.  That's what I worked on this evening.
Now my yard looks a mess.....
But, you have to make a mess to create things sometimes.  What's that saying:  you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs?  You can't build a new shed and deck without tearing up your yard.  So, that's my birthday project:  Demolition.
Nothing makes you feel better than hammering something! 
I know my yard looks bad now, but the end product will be worth all the effort.  I just need to keep at it.
The same is for writing.  You start a story, or essay, or something else, and it's a mess.  The first drafts always are.  Then you start the demo part of it.  Also known as the editing. 
You have to get it down first, though, no matter how bad. After that, you start rebuilding. Don't be afraid to swing that hammer or tear up some things.   In the end, you have a nice piece to share.
At least, that's my plan...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Changing Names

The world always seems brighter when you've created something that wasn't there before.  
 Neil Gaiman

Those who follow my blog may have noticed something different.  I have given my page a new name. Why the change?  I was talking to one of my friends about my blog page and I realized I needed something cool and creative. Something nobody else had.  I mean, a writer can't have something so mundane as name/page.  I took two words and put them together. Wordeldnik was too hard to say.  And so wordlenik was created.
What is wordlenik, you ask?   It's something that wasn't there before. There may be things that are close, but nothing that's exactly it. I know.  I searched it on the internet.  
If you think about storytelling, there's not much new in the way of themes and ideas. Love, hate, sorrow, loss.  It's all been told and retold. We all have the same vocabulary to choose from.  But, each writer puts their own spin on it, crafting the story in his or her own way and creating something that wasn't there before.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two jobs and a necessary evil

Last night I went to a reading at the Porch Coffee House.  It was a nice ending to a hectic week and a great way to start the weekend.  After craziness at my other job it was relaxing to spend time with friends and fellow writers and just listen.  I'm finding I like the beginnings of months because that's when our local coffee shop has readings on Friday nights and then our writer's group, the Bayou Writer's Group, meets on the following Saturday.  It sets a tone of inspiration for the month.  Just when I'm starting to fade, the month is over and it's time for a recharge. I'm encouraged to not be discouraged by the rejections and those non-writers who don't understand.
I used to call writing my hobby and being a nurse practitioner my real job.  But, now they both are equal in status.  I love writing and I love healing. I don't stop writing when I'm at the clinic and I don't stop worrying about my patients when I'm writing a novel or short story. What's most awesome is how much one job inspires the other.
People want to be compensated for what they think they're worth, especially at their place of employment, but I have to admit, I'd do what I do for a pound of coffee and a dozen donut holes if that would pay the bills.  Money's just a necessary evil.
So, how awesome is that? Most people are content to have a job they tolerate and a hobby they enjoy. I not only have one but two jobs that are absolutely fabulous. 

Oh, and the readings were great.  I thoroughly enjoyed both authors. A wonderful evening.