Saturday, February 18, 2012

Demolition Birthday

 In less than 15 minutes--Louisiana time--it will be my birthday.  I don't mind birthdays at all.  In fact, they can be fun if you let them. How old, you ask?  No, I don't mind the question. 
So, what am I doing for my birthday?  Building a new shed.  The old one is, well, old.  And thanks to Rita it hasn't had a rain that it didn't leak for. So, I had to break down and say I need a new one.  A birthday present to myself.  So, in order to put a new one up, the old has to go.  That's what I worked on this evening.
Now my yard looks a mess.....
But, you have to make a mess to create things sometimes.  What's that saying:  you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs?  You can't build a new shed and deck without tearing up your yard.  So, that's my birthday project:  Demolition.
Nothing makes you feel better than hammering something! 
I know my yard looks bad now, but the end product will be worth all the effort.  I just need to keep at it.
The same is for writing.  You start a story, or essay, or something else, and it's a mess.  The first drafts always are.  Then you start the demo part of it.  Also known as the editing. 
You have to get it down first, though, no matter how bad. After that, you start rebuilding. Don't be afraid to swing that hammer or tear up some things.   In the end, you have a nice piece to share.
At least, that's my plan...

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  1. I finally got that blankety-blank synopsis down on paper. Now I have to start swinging the hammer. BTW, I read your snowball story. Congrats on the win. Took me back to Labrador. Only trouble, we couldn't have snowball fights because the snow up there was too dry to hold together. Sure was a lot of it, though, and for a loooong time.