Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two jobs and a necessary evil

Last night I went to a reading at the Porch Coffee House.  It was a nice ending to a hectic week and a great way to start the weekend.  After craziness at my other job it was relaxing to spend time with friends and fellow writers and just listen.  I'm finding I like the beginnings of months because that's when our local coffee shop has readings on Friday nights and then our writer's group, the Bayou Writer's Group, meets on the following Saturday.  It sets a tone of inspiration for the month.  Just when I'm starting to fade, the month is over and it's time for a recharge. I'm encouraged to not be discouraged by the rejections and those non-writers who don't understand.
I used to call writing my hobby and being a nurse practitioner my real job.  But, now they both are equal in status.  I love writing and I love healing. I don't stop writing when I'm at the clinic and I don't stop worrying about my patients when I'm writing a novel or short story. What's most awesome is how much one job inspires the other.
People want to be compensated for what they think they're worth, especially at their place of employment, but I have to admit, I'd do what I do for a pound of coffee and a dozen donut holes if that would pay the bills.  Money's just a necessary evil.
So, how awesome is that? Most people are content to have a job they tolerate and a hobby they enjoy. I not only have one but two jobs that are absolutely fabulous. 

Oh, and the readings were great.  I thoroughly enjoyed both authors. A wonderful evening.


  1. Hi, Beth! Good post. It's great to find activities that inspire and entertain at the same time. Happy writing.

    1. Any time spent with fellow writers is time well spent.

  2. Good post. You're such a good writer. Can't wait until you sell something big--a novel? A nursing article? Or something hilarious! Send up fireworks when you do. I'm watching for them.