Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Be Positive Day: Reflections on Rita

To him, it's one giant water puddle.
 Today is International Be Positive Day.(IPBD)  Thanks to all who've blogged, tweeted, posted on FB, or used the day to be positive to those around you.  Even the worst of days are better when you think positively. 
So many have commented on the tragedy in Oklahoma.  I've read comments on similar disasters people have been through.  It makes me think of Hurricane Rita in 2005.  If you don't remember it, that's okay.  Most didn't really hear about it because it was in the shadow of Hurricane Katrina.  I remember it because I lived it.

with no power, you do a lot of artwork
On IBPD this recollection from Rita stands out, because it sums up the positive attitude of people in my community here in little ol' SW Louisiana:

After the storm hit, FOX news had a guy in Lake Charles interviewing those who had stayed.  Two LC boys were out checking on things. When asked by the reporter what they were doing, the answer was "Well, we're just checking on our neighbors, making sure they're okay." One held up a chainsaw. "If we need to we'll fire this up and cut a path for them."   The reporter asked why they were doing it.  Both looked at him funny and one said "Because it's what you're supposed to do."  I'm sure the reporter was a little disappointed not to find an exciting story, but people caring about others.  No looting and hurting each other. Just taking care of business.

Now, I'm not going to say we didn't get any assistance, but in the wake of Katrina, Rita was the red-headed step child.  Did it slow the people down?  Not a bit.  They did what they had to do, picking up and rebuilding. (I know our friends in Florida can relate to that.) Are we a stronger community for it?  Of course.  Did the response come as any surprise? Not really. 

I've read people say disasters bring out the best in everyone.  Unfortunately, that's not entirely true.  I've experienced the negatives and positives first hand.  One thing is for certain: times of tragedy and disaster reveal character.

What will the revelation say about you?   May we always be able to say "I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do." What are you doing now to cultivate a strong, positive character in your life and in those around you?

 note:  the pictures are of my nephew during Hurricane Ike.  I like them better than the ones of all the destruction of the two storms because you'll never find a more positive kid than him, even flooded, stuck with no electricity--meaning no way to charge his DS or turn on his PlayStation.


  1. Hi Bethie .. great that you've joined the International Be Positive Day - your nephew seems to fit the bill exactly.

    Great also that everyone helps each other .. the way communities should live together ...

    Resilience, after the initial shock and horror, thankfully seems to kick in and people sort themselves out ... some with difficulty I know, others with just plain let's get on with it ..

    Cheers to you .. Hilary

  2. Ah, the human spirit basically says, "I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do". There are always a few exceptions, and it's too bad they get any attention at all when there are so many 'Doing the right thing'.

    I do remember Rita. I donated several Quilts to a Quilters Rescue Fund for the people who lost so much in that devasting and tragic event.

    Thank you for this positive post in the aftermath of the tragic events in Oklahoma.

    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Oh My Moon and Stars or An Intellectual Pursuit of a Politically Incorrect Pile of Poop

  3. We had a flood in our town a little over a year ago and lots of wonderful people helped their neighbors. The city near us experienced looting. Not everyone makes a good neighbor.

  4. The recent events in Oklahoma have captured the world's attention. It's so sad.
    Positivity rocks!

    Writer In Transit