Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So, pulled out the driveway and took off again for another amazing adventure on the A to Z Highway.  I wanted to say something here uniquely profound, but got Bogged in Blogs.  My problem is that all the sites so far are interesting and I stay longer than planned, so I don't make my planned destination by nightfall. But, luckily I have set up extra time for extended visits. 
Todays visitations:
Jeanette S. Anderson --beautiful photos and I love this:  you can only read your own book so many times.  (you have to read her blog to know where that came from)
Sue  encouraging words regarding blogging
Kate @ Another Clean Slate  updating look, check out pictures on #piclove365
LyndaGrace  beautiful posts from a mother.  She's lived 24, 026 yesterdays..and counting
Stepheny Houghtlin    Need to know about gardening?  Here's the place, and so much more
Josie 2 Shoes   in Texas, I must add.  Cute cats, and impressive posts from challenges. 
Kat  card projects that are (mostly) easy.  I know.  I made one.  Eclectic, practical, fun information
The Sunday Visitor  short, informative posts on a variety of subjects
Arlee Bird   who doesn't know Arlee by now?  Those who did A to Z under a rock?  Great discussion if you have opinions on swearing.
A Ramble in the Blog  --says she doesn't like writing, but you can't tell from her posts. 
some flowers for those who don't
have spring yet due to crazy snow
Leslie @ Therapy and Function  Stop by to see the Adventures of Penelope. Find a fellow blogger trying to regain a schedule after the grueling A to Z marathon.


  1. I applaud you for using your blog to promote other blogs. It is good work you do.

  2. just blog hopping tonight. Thanks for the beautiful flower picture, maybe we'll have some soon.

  3. Great thing promoting other blogs. You rock. You know that?

  4. I applaud you too, clever and thoughtful, great idea. I'm going to try to do similar. Bravo.