Thursday, May 9, 2013

On The Road...trying not to speed through.

So, I'm On the Road tonight visiting spots.  I've started at the beginning of the list.  I'm going to attempt to post links to where I've visited. 

L.G.Keltner At: Two Blogs?  Are you serious?  How does she do it?  Honest Trailers is brilliant.
   Writing Off the Edge
   Warped Nerdiverity
Making the Write Connections --I could like Les Miz after reading here.
Planning with Printed Portal --Where do I begin with the organization skills?
DeeCoded--brings TV to life, especially How I Met  Your Mother
lizy-expat-writer--beautiful photos!
Ordinary Never Sleeps --I'd followed this one throughout.  Take a look at the old posts, especially Zenobia.

I would recommend all of them.  I've been tempted to just visit spots with topics I'm interested in.  But, I've realized, I can't judge a blog by it's title, and have been introduced to new things.  Will see how the method of going down the list works.
I'm finding it easier to visit since I'm not compelled to blog every day. 


  1. Thanks for posting links to my blogs! I think you're right about not being able to judge a blog by its title. You never know what you'll find when you give things a chance.

  2. I know I'm more likely to check out another site if the link is right there. Plus, it gives me easy access to return to favorite places.

  3. I too am just working my way down the list. That's what I did for all 3 of my blogs during the a-z. With a-z I started with the 5 blogs after my blogs as they suggested and just kept going. With the road trip, I'm going top down left side for 1 blog, bottom up right for one blog, and with start somewhere else for the 3rd blog. Happy Visiting. I'm gassed and got pedal to the middle too.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. we may be able to help you out yet in the ways of organisation.