Friday, May 17, 2013

Celebrate Friday

I like this post because it means that it's Friday!  And, while I have to work this weekend, it's different, so Friday is still great.

This week's good stuff:
**Spring Flowers
**Amazing Co-Workers
**A patient's family bringing me a gift of Urban Decay eye-shadow. (MAC may have competition)
**Ceiling fans on patios

 I could go on and on, since if you really look, there's a lot of little things that add up to a better week than you thought.  This is a good challenge for me since it makes me focus on the good.
Try it out if you haven't.
Check out here for the link:



  1. Hi Bethie.
    A great list of things to celebrate!
    I love that you highlighted ceiling fans... they really help during the hot and humid weather... especially in the absence of air-conditioners...
    Nice to meet you via the blog hop.

    Writer In Transit

  2. Good co workers are so important.

    Lovely pictures!

  3. Those flowers are beautiful. Unfortunately our daffodils have died, but there are some wonderful coloured flowers out there. So bright :D

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  5. I agree--it's good to focus on the good and the positive stuff.