Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Following Myself

Ok, so this is funny--somehow I hit a wrong button and I now follow my own page.  Ha Ha.  I wonder what I'll say next?  
It's two days after Christmas and I had a wonderful time with my family.  The plan for the siblings not to buy each other presents was a good one.  It took a lot of stress off everyone. We could enjoy spending time with each other---and play with the Xbox 360 my nephew got! We were able to focus on why we were celebrating Christmas and not the stuff.
2011 is shaping up to end well, and now I'm looking foreward to what 2012 has to offer. Good things, I'm praying.  I'm still working on my resolution to be more thankful, but I'm also with Sylvia on the being more organized.  That would be awesome!
Happy New Year to All!