Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First, I'd like to thank...
I'm quite excited and feel like I'm a slacker by only just now acknowledging this award.  Many thanks to Carrie at The Slow Dripped Life for the honor.  I'll be really Kreative if I can get a link back to her site in here.   The Slow-Dripped Life.  I think I did it right.  We shall see. 
I think the most difficult part of all this is answering questions about myself.  Usually I'm the one doing the interviewing. 


1. Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
2. Answer the seven questions
3. Provide ten random factoids about yourself.
4. Last but not at all least, hand this on to seven deserving others.
Seven Questions (that only scratch the surface)
1.  What is my favorite song?
      How does one capture the wind?  It's as impossible as saying my favorite song.  Depending on my mood or what I need, I go with everything from Mozart to George Strait, Michael W. Smith to Van Halen.  I can say when I have a migraine Pink Floyd is better than drugs. 

2.  What is my favorite dessert? 
         Graeme McDowell and a can of whip cream--wait, it said dessert, not fantasy dessert, didn't it?  I'll have to go with  homemade chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven with a cold glass of milk.  Or coffee.  Everything's good with coffee. 

3.  What do I do when I'm upset? 
        I'm not much of a crier, but more of a plotter.  I write and kill people in my stories.  It's less obvious and more legal than real life.  Maybe I don't kill them but make bad things happen.  But this is if I'm upset with people.  Otherwise I just journal about things.  Then, when things are better I either store them for later reading or burn it as a symbol of a new start. 
       Mostly I just harm people in stories though.

4.   What is my favorite pet? 
      It wouldn't be fair to pick one.  I mean, you don't tell people who you're favorite child is--you have one, but you don't say it.  A mangy hyena might be kind of fun and different....

5.  Which do I prefer: white or wheat?
      I go with white/wheat bread--I want it all!

6.  What is my biggest fear?
      That I'll meet the boogey man and he won't be as scary as people said.  I'll have wasted all that time being afraid of him when I could've been doing something else. 

7.  What is my attitude mostly
      Have confidence in myself and care about others.  
Ten Random Things about me.....
  • I was going to be a cardiovascular surgeon. Then I did a pedi rotation.  Darn kids ruined it for me. 
  • Possum and nutria aren't so good, but alligator and rabbit are pretty tasty. 
  • I love Ireland and will visit there before I die.
  • I love my red curls and freckles. 
  • My forearm is longer than my foot.
  • I've started an intraosseous IV on a baby--that's an IV in a bone instead of a vein. 
  • I love ice hockey--need more of it in Louisiana
  • I can curl my tongue down and up.
  • I've never had stitches or a cast--so far. 
  • I love to travel where you get to meet people, not just see things. 
And now the most important part:  Seven people who deserve this more than me:
Blabbin Granny--
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Sherry Perkins--
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It's so hard to pick just seven as there are so many incredible places out in cyberspace. 
Thank you again, Carrie, for the award and all who read this. 


  1. I love your sense of humor. "A mangy hyena might be kind of fun and different...."

    And thanks for the award.

    My dad's side of the fam is all about red hair and freckles. I love them and am glad you're embracing them (red hair and freckles. Although, that probably looks funny--embracing self. :)


  2. Congratulations on receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award :)

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  3. I'm impressed about your ability to curl your tongue. Hehe. It's all a bit of fin, isn't it? I remember the quote: 'Act joyfully in the world'.

  4. Thank you - I finally got around to it!