Saturday, June 16, 2012

"I'd Be Broke"

I was at work yesterday having a frustrating day.  In our kitchen we have a TV.  Somebody had it on ESPN.  And there was Graeme McDowell listed in with the top scores of U.S. Open Golf.  Hadn't seen that in a while.
But why get excited?  I mean, let's face it, the boy hasn't been on his A game.  When was his last major championship win?  Protestant and Catholic.  That's got to do something to a person. And, well, he's cute, but he isn't the best looking guy in the game. The beer can be explained by his ancestry I suppose. Then there's the fact that he attended university in Alabama, but at least he didn't roll with the Tide.  
(Should I write for the official G-Mac fan club or what?)
I'm not a avid fan of golf, but I am a fan of Graeme McDowell because what he does have is class and a passion for golf, even when she's a fickle mistress. It's easy to have followers when you're on top.  It's when you're down that you find out your real fans. 
But, that's also when the fans find out if you're worthy to be followed.
Graeme has shown he's truly a gentleman to be watched.  He's funny, personable, courteous. He has tact and grace even when asked the difficult questions.  He's gracious to fans and fellow players.  He's charming in interviews. He has integrity at a time when critics say things like "one hit wonder." Rarely do we see him any other way.   
I watched an interview in which one of the questions was "what would you be if you didn't play golf?"  Graeme's answer was "I'd be broke"
I so get that.  Right now my work is particularly draining. I don't like it, but it's the best career in the world. When I think of what else I'd do, nothing comes to mind.  I've said I'd do my job for a box of donuts and a pot of coffee. I can imagine Graeme would say he'd do it for a pint of Guinness.  Whether it's golf or pediatric medicine, or whatever, the paycheck is awesome, but that's not why you do it. You do it because you love it and you can't imagine being unfaithful to it.

Right, a large pepperoni. 
What? You don't have Guinness?!?
Graeme may not be a consistent golf player, but he's a consistently good person.  He's the kind of guy I'd invite over for a beer and shoot some pool--and I don't even drink beer. I'd buy a pool table if he'd come over, though.  At least, he seems like it from comments and interviews.  Those kind of people encourage and inspire me.

So, what's the point of all this?  Be passionate about what you do and stay true even when it's not going perfect.  Don't look at who's popular.  Look for character, integrity, and an optimistic attitude. Even better, be one of those people. 

As I'm posting this Graeme is tied for the #1 spot in the Open. I'm cautiously excited about Sunday's round.  This is G-Mac after all.  We know he'd never blow a number one spot. 
No matter what happens tomorrow, I'm still a fan.  Golf isn't the only reason to like Graeme McDowell.  Fer sure.
 (Ok, I admit.  I was the one at work who had the Open on.  I needed some encouragement--or at least to see a certain cute Irish boy.)
  See more of him at his website or watch him on You Tube. 


  1. He sounds like a great person, but he was under my radar until now, because I haven't watched golf in years. :-)

  2. I crush on him too! He's an awesome man.

    Sometimes we stay a jobs because of our family obligations. I know this is necessary, but wow so painful.

  3. At First Draft Cafe Maria told of a book she was reading, How to Do Everything and Be Happy by Peter Jones. I downloaded it on my Kindle. It addresses these things. I'm enjoying it.