Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mussels and Microfiction

Recently I've began two writing classes: one on poetry and one on flash fiction. As such, my blogging hasn't been the most prolific.  So, today's post will be a draft of a flash exercise written last night after I came home from going out with a friend.  She'd been on a date that ended early. It wasn't particularly bad, she said, it just wasn't. 
But, the waiter at Olive Garden was pretty cute.
Oh yeah, it's a he said/she said exercise...

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He said can I pour you more Chardonnay?
She said that would be lovely.
He said top you off?
She said sure, I'm not driving anywhere tonight.
He said did you enjoy your meal?
She said it was a little dry.
He said I'm sorry to hear that.
She said it happens sometimes, not your fault.
He said maybe I could get you something else.
She said what would you suggest?
He said the mussels are quite succulent and pair well with a Chardonnay.
She said are they spicy?
He said very spicy.  As spicy as you'd like, Ma'am.
She said ma'am? Nobody calls me ma'am unless I have...
He said oh, look, your date's coming back.
She said I guess we'll just need the check then.

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  1. This is a great post. Very beautifully written.