Sunday, March 31, 2013

A to Z Challenge #544

Is it March 31 already???
But it can't be.  That's just too gruesome!
This year my A to Z Challenge theme will be Random Variety--as in A Variety of Topics Not Necessarily Related.  One day may be a poem or song.  One day maybe a picture.  Maybe an essay or a flash fiction. 
I've had so many ideas and themes.  I may be political.  I may be religious.  I may be irreverent, serious,  and funny.  I'm sure I'll offend some along the way and hopefully inspire or encourage at least once or twice.  One night I sat down with a notebook and wrote out the alphabet letters and brainstormed. I loved how it was so weirdly eclectic.  I hope they're are as fun to read as they will be to post.
I know for some the challenge has already begun, but here in Southwest Louisiana we're still on Sunday night and I'm not late yet.  Just not as early as I'd like.  I'm glad for the challenge, though, as it makes me sit down and write.
Happy Reading.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say. 

How about everyone else?  Are you intimidated by a challenge, or is this the accountability you need to get you going?

Wow!  1717 blogs?  I'd better get busy! 

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  1. Random Variety sounds interesting! I'll have to come back for A latter in the day! Yes Betty is up for the challenge!