Monday, April 1, 2013


Are you afraid of the dark? 
Afraid of what lurks behind the door?
Afraid of what the doctor might say? 
Does that stranger make you afraid? 
The Boogeyman has nothing on me.  
I eat the monster in the closet for breakfast
and still hunt in the pantry to see what's there. 
I make Stephen King cry like a baby
and Neil Gaimen tremble--
they both come back for more.
I'm the difference between a settling house
and phantom footsteps in the hall.
I'm the almost heard whisper and
the barely glanced shadow.
I'm Imagination. 
I wander sometimes, but
don't leave me to my own devices.
I'm what makes you truly afraid.


  1. You have to be pretty scary to make Stephen King cry like a baby.

    (actually, I think part of his success is that he has a lot of bogeymen to get out from under his bed)

    Stopping by from A to Z and for following :)

    Jennifer at A Creative Exercise


  2. The original said "I pay Stephen King's Bills and am the reason Neil Gaimen gets up in the morning."
    I think Stephen and the Boogeymen probably exchange Christmas cards and send graduation announcements for kids.
    I want to live in Neil's worlds, though--any of them.

  3. Yep, imagination can get you everytime. Most of the time it's good but when it's bad...

  4. hahah making Stephen King cry!
    love it :)