Saturday, April 27, 2013

Xanadu Lost

 Rivers without names, oceans unchecked
rushing from under ground, wild, untamed purity
carrying to stand in Pleasure Dome,
drunk on milk of Paradise, sated on honey-dew.
It was once mine, inside of me. My home.
From beyond an echo stirs, ancestral voices crying out for war
I did not ask for, enemy I never wronged.
I'm not leader, singer, minstrel, poet. My words are poison to the soul.  Honey bitter, sour milk, my lost Xanadu haunting once pleasant dreams.
Nothing left to hold, shadows faking light. "No reality, nothing here to see"--words spoken without substance or form. Caves of ice melt into stone.  Trapped inside my mind, prisoner of Paradise.
How did poetry go so wrong? When did the tune leave the song?
What's it all about? Did we misplace our faith hoping for too much?
Drunk on the milk of Paradise, sated by honey-dew,
prisoner of dreams lost in Xanadu.

author's note:  see also Coleridge's poem Kubla Khan and Rush's song Xanadu


  1. Not familiar with this at all. Sounds dark and erie!

  2. Kubla Khan is one of my favorites-- too bad he was interrupted, or who knows what the full (original) poem would have been!

    great post, just found your blog and will be back to read more.


  3. I wrote about a Xanadu as well :) Not the Rush song, but I love that one.

    Nice post.

  4. Trisha, I did think of that Xanadu as well.

  5. Ha! I was going to mention Trisha's post but she beat me to it. Congratulations on conquering X.

  6. me too not familiar with this. But enjoyed :)