Sunday, April 28, 2013

Liebster: an award, a responsibility, an excuse not to do housework

Like the elusive Flying Dutchman, so are the origins of the Liebster Award.  I've found that it's a German word meaning sweetheart or favorite.  But, beyond that? 
So, The Armchair Squid gave me this award. I am flattered and humbled and glad not to be mopping floors. But, as we all know, with great awards come great responsibility.  Like the Miss America award, the Liebster isn't just something you put on the mantel to hold ashes. You share it with others, you become a representative, you have to pay it forward. You just don't get a fancy tiara to wear, unless you go buy yourself one.
But, I am up to the challenge...I hope.  I did some strength training: research, first drafting, editing, re-editing, caffeine loading, napping in the  hammock, watching White Collar and Sean Bean death scenes.  Now, I think I'm ready. 
I'm never one to follow rules, but in researching this I found that the rule seems to be change the rules. So, I will follow the rules set out before me as in following the rules I am breaking them.
The rules of 11 are as follows:
  • supply 11 fun facts about myself
  • answer 11 questions asked by Armchair
  • award 11 bloggers
  • ask for 11 fun facts about them and 11 new questions
Eleven Fun Facts
  1. I prefer hockey over golf, but I'm a big fan of golfers.
  2. I'm especially fond of performing classical music, especially that rebel Mozart.
  3. I love Pediatric medicine but undecided on having kids of my own. 
  4. I don't know why certain men attract me as they most often go against my Christian upbringing. Maybe it's my Hosea complex.
  5. I'm not a fan of any alcoholic beverage...especially beer. Yuck!
  6. I'd rather be outside than in.
  7. I used to be the tallest person in my class.  Now I'm the shortest.
  8. I'm a true crime addict. One of my favorites is John Douglas.
  9. Blue is my favorite color.
  10. My two favorite patient types are psych and cardiac--pedi of course.
  11. Facebook makes me crazy. 
Eleven answers to Eleven Questions
1. If you could live one year of your life again, which would you choose and why?
      My fifth year.  I got a birthday crown from my kindergarten teacher.  It set the tone for the whole year. Awesome!
2. If you could be good or better at one thing without putting in the time and work, what would it be?—playing guitar.
3. You've been invited to join a bowling league and you may choose any five people to be on your team. There's just one catch: you can only pick fictional characters. Whom would you choose?
       Death (of the Endless), Harry Dresden, Darth Vader, Spiderman, and Donna Paulsen (I'm pretty sure they're all fictional)
4. How do you really feel about pears?---Why, what have you heard? 
5. How do you feel about the metric system?---It was just a fling.  It didn't mean anything.  Inches and I really want to make it work.
6. The Doctor knocks on your door. He'll take you to visit any place on Earth at any point in history (he always seems to make the choices with interstellar travel). Where and when do you choose?  Back in the days of Queen Maeve of Ireland.  Don't say she's just a legend.  The Doctor can make her real.  He's got the Tardis.  They're all-powerful. 
7. If you could learn any new language, which would you choose?   Shiriiwook
8. You have one personal quality which eventually annoys everyone in your life including, on occasion, yourself. What is it and do you feel it's within your power to change it?  Precognitive mind reading. It works everyone's nerves.  I drink coffee--lots of coffee--- to slow it down, but it never really stops.  (PMR is knowing what someone's going to say or think before they do)
9. If you knew when you were younger what you'd be doing with your life now, how might you have planned things differently? Do you think your life would truly be better overall if you had?  Seriously, the only thing I'd change is maybe be married and figure out how to acquire magical powers, but I don't know that it could get better than this.  I'm pretty much doing what I planned.
10. If all went south and you had to turn to a life of crime (assuming you haven't already), what line of dirty work would you choose?  Professional thief hiding out as lead guitar in a rock band.
11. How do you get your geek on?   My geek is religious history, criminal psychology, and fantasy (as in wizards and elves).  Tech guys have their gadgets.  I have my supernatural aberrant behavior in the name of God.
Eleven Questions for Eleven Victims...I mean, Awardees
  1. What did you do on your favorite birthday?
  2. If you were held captive, what kind of Duck tape would you want to be taped up with?
  3. What is your favorite city or town?  Why?
  4. If it were possible, would you be taller or shorter than you are now?
  5. Do you prefer tennis shoes or heels?
  6. Which of Neil Gaimen's Endless do you most relate to?  see The Endless for details if needed.
  7. If you could be a color which would it be?  Why?
  8. Espresso or regular roast coffee?
  9. You're a white collar criminal.  What is your crime?
  10. What fictional character would be a good leader for your country?  Why?
  11. In a spouse--whether you're married or not--what trait is most important to you? 
And the most important part:  The Award goes to
The Incurable Itch
The Coffe Lady
Gospel-Driven Disciples
Tales of the Rock
Boots and Blue Stockings
Fictitious Amo
A Creative Exercise
Have You Heard?
Rabbit Trails
Ordinary Never Sleeps

These are just a few of the blogs I've found in the A to Z challenge.  Except The Incurable Itch. Linda's a writing group buddy.  Even if I haven't always commented, I've enjoyed visiting and revisiting their sites this month.  They are worth the effort of stopping by. 
For the nominees: there's no penalty for not answering the questions and sending the award on. Nobody will visit your home.  But as the A to Z is winding down maybe it will help the alphabet withdrawls? 
Either way, we're all winners! 
Thanks to Armchair for the nomination.'re it..



  1. Aww thank you! I feel flattered! You're right, this will fill an A-Z void. Will blog about this over the weekend.

  2. Hey Thanks! Looks like I have another long post to do :) Considering I missed "X" on Saturday, I'll do that, "Y" AND answer your darling 11 questions.


  3. I almost forgot to thank you for the Liebster award! Very sweet!

  4. Hi I finally got around to accepting the award. Check out

  5. My sincere apologies for the delay in responding. Just surfacing from the AtoZ.
    Thanks for the award.
    Embarrassingly I've got it three times during AtoZ - would you mind if I combined the three?


  6. Will go check out your post. I'd combine it, too!