Friday, April 26, 2013


Wahoo | Acanthocybium solandri photo

Wahoo is one of my favorite words.  It's a happy sounding word I use to express excitment. 

But did you know:

  • The name Wahoo is Native American, applied to any small bush or shrub?
  •  Wahoo is a plant with medicinal properties, including cardiac and gastrointestinal effects.
  • Wahoo is a city in Saunders County, Nebraska?
  • Chief Wahoo is the logo of the Cleveland Indians baseball team?
  • The Wahoo KICKR is a fitness training bike?
  • Wahoo! is a grill in Decatur, Georgia?
  • At University of Virginia, the mascot is often referred to as a Wahoo
  • The USS Wahoo was a Naval submarine sunk in 1943 during WWII?
  • Wahoo is a brand of boats?
  • Wahoo is a fish found in tropical and subtropical areas?  (This means you can fish for it off the Louisiana coast. Have to do that sometime.)
  • Wahoo McDaniel was an American footbal player and professional wrestler? 
  • Who wouldn't want to go to the First Baptist Church of Wahoo in Florida?

Who knew Wahoo was so much more?
Do you know any more fun facts about this great word? 

Wahoo! only three more posts to go...X,Y,Z.


  1. This may date myself, but a number of times I watched Wahoo McDaniel wrestle at the old Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. :-)

  2. Very cool that someone saw Wahoo. And in Dallas, my home country--oops I mean city.

  3. love it!
    Didn't know there were so many definitions for the word :)


  4. Would you believe I knew about Chief Wahoo and the U.S.S. Wahoo? I should have known about the fish, since U.S. submarines in WWII were typically named for fish.