Friday, April 19, 2013


I hate to see you here
You choke behind a smile
A fake behind the fear
The queerest of the queer

                       Queer, Garbage

The word queer is a curious word with many implications.  I know, though, many of you read that and went "hey, Garbage!" 
Back in the late '90s I was watching MTV when it still played music videos and saw Shirley Manson singing Stupid Girl.  It was awesome.  I got the CD and loved every song on it. Saw them in concert not too long after and liked them even more.
I know they're a different kind of band with a different kind of attitude.  Here in Louisiana my friends often listen to the songs a say "Huh?"
However, I know I'm not alone in being a fan. 
You can watch the video--and some other great Garbage videos--here at youtube


Garbage are, from left, Steve Marker, Shirley Manson, Duke Erikson, 
Butch Vig.
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