Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two for T-Tuesday.

Table for One

"Is anyone using this chair?"  he asked, putting his hands on the back of it.
"No.  Take them all, I only need this one,"  she patted the chair she was sitting in. 
"Really?"  he sounded surprised. "Okay."  But he took just the one.  She watched the group he joined. They were laughing, talking, eating, enjoying being together. After a few moments he came back.
"You know, you could bring your chair to our table."
"Not now.  Maybe later?"
She finished her firecracker shrimp, unconcerned. 

T is also for Travis, our Terrific Waiter at Nona Blue.  He Totally Rocked with his suggestions for Firecracker Shrimp and G-Mac and Cheese, Though he probably Thought Twice when the crazy girls started pouring beer on a bracelet in the salad bowl. (see S post) He didn't Tattle, though, and Tallied a good Tip. 

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