Sunday, June 15, 2014

Freedom to Say....Part One

Friedrich Nietzsche

After a long hiatus from blogging, I have returned. 
Why return now?  I wrote out all these cool reasons—having something to say, having a presence—
But the truth is, I have this guilty conscience regarding my derelict blog.  I’m surprised nobody has reported me yet to the blog housing commission for my grass being tall and the shudders falling down.  I haven't been a good blog-owner. 
It’s easy to be lazy, making excuses like I was working, writing, living.  I've got many things to say, but just haven't taken the time to write them. 
Then I came across this article online:  Merry Christmas Bill
I had to look around:  chicken snake, squirrel, American flag—yeah, still in Louisiana. 
I realized I better get on exercising my rights while speech is still free here. 
What better way than to start with talking about freedom? 
The ruling on the bill went in a direction I agree with, but what if it hadn’t?  Would we be arresting Kindergarteners?  Or would their parents be held responsible? 
One group tosses out freedom of speech.  One group says freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.  Both sides want to debate the points.
But the real question should be this:  do we really want the government making laws regarding this? 
To be so offended you have to include authorities is risky to your own rights.  It’s nice when the ruling power likes you.  But what if they decide they don’t?  I’m sure many religious people see this as a victory, but as for this Christian—It scares me that the legislature felt it could rule on an issue like this. 
I can say I truly believe in freedom when I allow that others will disagree with me and still be my friend. 
I was going to write more, but this seems to have put me in a mind to watch Fahrenheit 451. The cool thing is I'm watching it on VHS.  Remember those? 
TBC in Part 2 Tomorrow...


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