Monday, June 30, 2014

Stumbling Upon the Healing Power of Music

Don't you agree sometimes the best things are those that you just happen upon?
I was researching something about Dr. Who for a friend and came upon Billie Piper's husband, Laurence Fox. 

Dr. who? I'm so easily distracted. 

I do not like Facebook.
I do not like it in a box--
But apparently I do like it with a Fox.  Because I did like Laurence Fox on Facebook .  Then I went to his website and downloaded music.  It's a really nice, melodic, soulful sound. It may not be everyone's cup of coffee--or maybe he drinks tea--but I liked it.

Then I got a migraine and I accidently played his songs instead of my usual.  It was amazing to listen to his voice. Up until now it's been drugs and Pink Floyd that can calm down the pain.  (Imitrex and Ibuprofen, mind you)
Mostly Water was the last song on my playlist--wow, halfway through I was already starting to come back around--minus the drugs.
That's amazing to me.

So, is this shameless free publicity for Fox?  I don't know.  I'll have to research more. Apparently he's in movies and TV shows as well that I need to look at.   He won't replace Pink Floyd on the playlist, but he'll be right next to The Wall.

It is about music, though, and the power it has.  It's one of those beautiful mysteries science can't touch.  I know, chemicals and all that.  But if that's the case, any relaxing music should work for my migraines, right?  Why did Laurence Fox work without the drugs when nothing else has?  Why his voice in particular?  Does it only work for me? 

Honestly, I don't even want science or medicine to explain it.
I just want to enjoy something magical that I stumbled upon.

I'd be wrong not to link to the man--Laurence Fox

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