Saturday, July 25, 2015

Coming Back

So I said I wasn't going to blog here any more, but now I'm back, at least for a while. I still have my other site: over at weebly, though, too. Those who've been here before will notice the new look. Those who haven't, well, welcome!
To start, I'm returning as a part of an online class I'm taking:

Robin Sellers is the instructor.
old houses in Lake Charles--
oh, the stories they could tell!
So far it's been fun. I think I'm jumping ahead, though, and posting before I'm supposed to.
Such an over achiever....
If you've never taken an online class, check out ed2go--there's a lot of good stuff.
If you've wanted to learn how to set up a hosted blog--and actually have fun doing it, take this class. I thought I knew some stuff, but I really just knew enough to be dangerous. I'm especially excited to learn about podcasting. I've never done that before.
More to come on what I'm posting here.....

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  1. I will be posting weekly--is the plan. Right now I want to verify comments are set up properly. Want to give my readers the best experience possible!