Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Single Household

Oh no! not another organization site!
Before you panic—it’s not the same. This is a site for truly single people. No kids, maybe not even a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Organizing tips--think about what you find—or better yet—search and then come back. What kind of advice do you get? Things like “enlist your family” “Teaching your kids”

I have a fish. I can’t foresee enlisting his help.

As you may have guessed—I’m single, no kids, only pet is a baby Beta.
One thing I do have? Stuff. Stuff that breaks, stuff that gets dirty, needs to be washed, repaired, replaced.
Another thing I have? To go to work. I’m a single income household.  

It’s aggravating because people act like if you live by yourself you have all this time to get things done. And if you don’t have kids and a spouse you don’t have a lot of things to clean.
Ha, ha, ha, ha…ok let me stop laughing before I answer this.

There’s this great scene in Disney’s Enchanted movie where Giselle sings and the city creatures come and help her clean. Now, I understand you really don’t want vermin in your house, but if the rats are mopping and the roaches are cleaning the toilet….
I’ve been looking for a plan, but everything involves creating all these family meals, enlisting help from spouse and kids, doing all these cool check lists. Those are all okay, but my fish can’t get out of his tank, I’m not too keen on inviting the neighbor’s dog for help. Who has time for checklists?
And yes, I could hire someone to do things, but, remember single income household.
I’ve been wanting to get things together-home, work, writing, life in general, but I realize that may be a hopeless task. But, if it can’t be together it can be at least in the same vicinity of each other.
So, that’s what this is going to be about—me putting things in the same vicinity of each other. I hope through my journey to:

1.     Come up with ideas others can use.

2.     Find others who have ideas.

3.     Be more accountable because I’m posting it all on the blog.

4.     Have a more organized home.
How will I do this? I said above not a big check list kind of girl, but probably need some kind of plan…more on that in the next post.

For now though…
A site on organizing I keep going back to: Declutter Your LIfe
Any thoughts? What is your organizing, cleaning, lack there of routine?

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