Sunday, September 6, 2015

Action! Listening to the Voice(s)

In the first few posts I was thinking about why I want to clean. What's the point of home organization? I'm single. I should be out doing stuff. (I guess if I want friends over....)
I could expound on all the touchy-feely stuff until the cows come home but I still won't be where I want to be and I'll have cows in my yard.  Plus, I'm bored with that right now.
Here's my plan for actually organizing. I don't remember what words I used.
Home discovery. That's right.
the  jar is in  the center
Wow, don't I sound pretentious?
So, anyway--Action, yeah.

My Home Discovery Plan.
I gave my rooms spiffy names and wrote them on some paper. Then I put them in a jar.
Each day I'll pull a name out and work on that room for one hour. It doesn't have to be a full one hour at a time. It can be broken into intervals, especially since some days I don't have a whole hour time block, but lots of 5 or 10 minutes here and there.
Some people like to go room by room. I thought about that. But, I get bored easily. So I thought this way I can work with my self-proclaimed ADHD and not have to focus for long in one spot.
(I know it's not really ADHD, but it sounds as important as Home Discovery!)
My plan for this mission is to post on Sundays and Wednesdays. I won't give the boring low-down, but just update everyone on my progress.

If I can, I'll find a link to some other cool cleaning or organizing site or some touchy-feely kind of something.
Today's link will be brought to you by one of my two favorite organizing people: Donna Smallin Kuper at DeClutter Your Life . Check out her books and her blog. I love this month's unclutter tips, but going through the history is so worth it, too.

Recently I think Donna has taken up residence in my head. When I want to buy something she says "Do you really need that? Are you really going to use that?"  Sometimes I just say What Would Donna Do?
Yesterday apparently she would put back two writing magazines, three books on creativity and --irony--organizing, two Dr. Who comics, and a Sandman Graphic Novel. The last killed me because it was a special edition.
But Voice Donna said "Don't you have that one already? In fact, don't you have them all?"
I left Books-A-Million without so much as a coffee.
You're killing me, Donna! 

So, today's room was the Wild and Sunny Room. (Aka--the dining room) I was surprised that I found enough things to do that it took me a whole 57 minutes to finish straightening it. This worries me since that's my smallest space! Had to go through lots of papers on the table, but there's more than one place in my house that's got lots of papers. EEEK!

If you're reading this, any thoughts on organizing for those who don't have much time and nobody to delegate to? Any favorite decluttering sites?

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