Friday, March 2, 2012

Nail Guns and Writing

Why do I have this imagination? It's the only one I've got!  Neil Gaiman   
I know, you're probably wondering:  what happened with the storage shed?  It's one of those ongoing projects.  But it's been a fun process, having to modify things as we go along.  Like having to custom measure all the studs since the foundation wasn't level.
At least, I think it's been fun.  I'm not sure about all the others who have been helping me! 

 So, a few things that are important to know from this experience:  flexibility, in more ways than one!  I know some people's idea of construction is hire somebody.  The thing with that is you miss out on the creative process.  Many friends can't believe I'm doing it myself. I want it a certain way, so I'm doing it like I want it. As we go along we have to be able to adjust for the weird things that happen. 
Another important thing to know is:  Nail guns rock! You either understand or you don't....
I think they know what they're doing!
 Hardware stores are fun.  Where else can you go shopping and not dress up? In fact, if you don't have a dirty shirt and paint all over you they look at you like you might not be in the right store.  Who dresses to run get another can of paint or find the right size bolt?

So, this is where we are right now. It still needs paint and a few add ons, but it's coming along.  I'm excited.

Did I mention the creative process?  Kind of sounds like something you'd do in writing.   When we first start we're kind of scared, like using the nail gun.  We might get hurt.  What if we do it wrong?  You could shoot your eye out.
Then you push the trigger and words come out. You think that wasn't so bad.  Let me try again. Pretty soon, you're shooting words everywhere.  Sometimes they hit the mark.  Sometimes they miss and you have to try again. And, most of the time you don't lose an eye.    The more you use a nail gun, the more precise you are because you get used to handling it.  You respect it, but it's not so scary.  It's the same with writing.  The more you do it, the better the words come together.  The more precise you are and you don't waste them. You learn to edit, to listen to others, to be flexible in your writing, listening to constructive criticism and modifying as needed.
Like with DIY construction, I get the are you crazy? look when I tell people I write. That's their loss. It's fun to create and then you get the story you wanted your way, even if nobody else agrees.  It's your imagination, afterall.  The tale told the way you understand it. 

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