Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paranormal, Personal, Or Both?

I'm sitting here in San Antonio in my hotel room on the last day of my stay here.  My friend is sleeping.  We got in late last night partying with the ghosts.  She's sleeping in, but isn't it always like writers to forgo irrelevant things like eating and sleeping when the muse hits them? 
I'm sure the guys at Ghost Hunts of San Antonio won't mind me writing about the tour last night.  Free Publicity, right?  While I don't think we caught any ghosts--I need to review the footage--it was fun to hang out with people who are into the supernatural.  It's kind of like writers:  we know there are others out there like us.  We just have to search a little to find each other.
Ok, so as one would expect, San Antonio has some interesting history.  Just the Alamo alone is full of energy.  Our tour guide Robert was great.  I've been on other tours before, but this was the first time I'd been on one with someone who is hardcore into investigating.  On other tours I've been on the guides might have been doing it for extra money or have a cheesy presentation, but on this tour it was less fanciful and more factual.  I was hoping for this since on the website it said Robert had been on GHI and was affiliated with T.A.P.S. I wasn't disappointed. Robert was a professional, not a performer, if that makes any sense at all. 
What did I like best about the tour?  The information.  I liked the places and the stories and have some new places to explore when I'm next in San Antonio.  We talked about how much we experience is truly paranormal or can be explained by something else. And, he mentioned that cemeteries aren't the best places to do ghost hunts. He reminded me of the fact that sometimes we see what we want to see.  If you go to Marie Laveau's tomb did you really hear Voodoo drums or did you expect to? 
It made me wonder though, how much of it is our own creation?  Seeing your grandfather or your wife who has passed.  Did you see them or is it your own energy creating them?  Sitting at the Alamo the other day it was all serene and peaceful, but for me it felt sad.  This beautiful place was actually a site where a tragic battle took place.  Beneath the peace was an undercurrent of anger and despair. What was this I was feeling?
I wonder, how much of our paranormal experience is truly paranormal or residual energy  from history or our own emotional experiences creating phenomenon that becomes so real to us it's almost tangible?
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