Sunday, April 1, 2012

Alphabet Soup

Today starts the A to Z Challenge.  I'm excited to see what others are going to post and to see if I'm up to the challenge.  I have to say I've been working on my posts early since I know I'm never satisfied and edit and re-edit and even after posting think "oh, I could've said that better."
When I told my non-writing friends I was going to start this challenge they gave me the usual that sounds crazy look.  One told me I can't write for 26 seconds, let alone 26 days.  But, from the number of people who've signed up, I can see I'm not alone in thinking this sounds fun. 
So, I'm going with a theme:  professionalism in the work place.  Why chose this?  In my career as a nurse practitioner I've seen so many areas where patient care and satisfaction has gone down due to lack of professional conduct.  I read articles on the subject and realize this isn't just isolated to health care.
However, it got kind of boring, so I'm trying to take different spins on it. Technology has opened up a who new way of Networking and while Appearances matter, work is supposed to be Fun and a place to show Creativity along with Integrity.  Otherwise we don't stand a Ghost of a chance. 

Up for the Challenge!
You get the idea....

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