Thursday, April 5, 2012

E: Excellence--the Way

Me with some of my excellent colleagues
And now I will show you the most excellent way.
Love is having patience with coworkers and customers.
Love shows kindness to those having a bad day.
Love isn’t envious of another’s accomplishments.
 It doesn’t promote itself at the expense of others.
 It doesn’t think it’s indispensable to the company.

Love is not rude to customers or coworkers.
It doesn’t just work for the paycheck. 
It’s not easily angered or resentful.

Love doesn’t gossip about misfortunes, but shares successes and celebrations.

Love stays overtime and helps out colleagues.

Love believes in what it does,
is positive about work,
and thinks in terms of solutions not problems.

Love stays committed to the job.

              Excellence isn't just being the best. It's being the best with honor. It's wanting to do a good job because it's the right thing to do. 
             With my patients it's giving them the highest quality health care available. It's always thinking what can I do improve not just their physical but emotional and spiritual well being? 
             With my writing it's not just tossing out the first thing that comes to mind, but drafting it and then editing and re-editing even as far as a 10th and 11th draft and beyond. And then, if/when it gets rejected, thinking about why and using the experience to guide me for next time.
             Because there will be a next time.  Excellence doesn't let me give up.
             Excellence doesn't settle for mediocrity or complacency.  It works with passion.  Those who strive for excellence see the bar and work above it despite what others around them are doing.  They don't criticize or "tattle", but encourage others to be better along with them.
             One thing excellence is not is perfection.  We all have room to improve.  Excellence is the virtue that knows this. 
             In work and life wanting to get ahead, to be number one, isn't a bad thing.  But we lose ourselves when we are ruthless about it, not caring who gets stepped on or what bridges are burned along the way.
            I Corinthians 13 is called the love chapter.  It's often used in marriage ceremonies, but love goes beyond husband/wife relationships.  It should be in everything we do:  love for life, love for family, love for what we do and who we work with.  Whatever you want to call it: passion, love, caring, compassion.  Love is what changes you from merely good at what you do to Excellent.

             It's never lonely at the top if you bring some friends with you.


  1. A wonderful post highlighting the most Excellent way--love.


  2. Wonderful post, Beth. And I like the pic of you and your gang!

  3. You are so right...treat everyone with love and respect. In my opinion what you give, you'll get back ten fold.

    Respect and love go hand in hand. Good post Bethie, and nice to see your team.