Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interlude: No Birds Harmed but one HP Sacrificed

I was outside this evening working on my computer.  I had my coffee and cordless phone with me.  By my porch is an oak tree where a mockingbird has built her nest.  There are many birds around that argue and fuss and fight with the squirrels, but tonight that momma bird was being crankier than usual.  It was weird since I couldn't see the usual suspects around, namely the stray cat, squirrel, or other birds.
The sun went down and the skeeters came out so I decided to call the outdoors quits. I gathered my coffee, cordless, and computer and started in.  Well, the bird was still fussing until I got to the carport and my motion light came on.  I didn't think much of it until I got to the backdoor.
I started to put my foot down and reach for the door handle.  A gecko caught my eye and I watched it run down the door.  Good thing he was there because right below my foot was a baby mockingbird.  I jumped back, dropping the phone and spilling coffee.  I managed to hang on to the laptop.   He was chirping. I didn't hear the momma mockingbird but figured she'd been trying earlier to get him to come back to the nest. 
I tried to get a picture of him.  It was too shadowed for my camera, but this one gives you an idea.   I think the shattering pieces of my cordless scared him enough he couldn't move.  I thought maybe I should do something.  I thought for a second and then did Nothing. 
Having encountered this with both squirrels and birds, I knew to just wait and watch.  Well, let me just say, the bird wouldn't move, and I really needed to pick up the phone parts.  I stood inside the door and watched.  Finally, I realized, he probably wasn't moving because of the light.  Sure enough, when I turned off the light off he went back home.  I heard his momma really fussin now. I'll bet that bird's in big trouble!
I picked up the pieces of my phone--which I bought last week--and put it back together.  It calls but it has no display. I'm thinking it's a funny story because the bird got away safely even if the phone didn't.  So, I'm going to write about it. 
Now, remember, I had that coffee, right?  You know, the coffee that spilled? 
I opened up my HP and fired her up.  Half the screen looks like an amoeba attacked it. The keyboard smells like Deadman's Reach Coffee.  My laptop apparently is another casualty in the bird caper.  I guess I'll be heading to Best Buy Saturday...again. 
I wonder how this will go:  "How did the coffee get in this time?"  "Well, there was this baby bird..."
Can you tell this won't be the first time my computer has been at Best Buy?  It's had a few adventures so I always renew the service contracts.  As I've embraced technology this will only be a minor setback. I'll be finishing out the A to Z challenge on my netbook. 
Now I'm not only going to have to look out for squirrles, rabbits, racoons, armadillos, snakes, lizards, and the occasional baby alligator in my yard.  I'll be looking out for baby birds, too.  I guess I'm a regular Snow White here. I guess that's just the way things go in Louisiana.


  1. What a great story. Glad the bird is safe even if your electronics aren't. I'm stopping over from the A-Z challenge and following too. Have a great weekend :)

  2. So glad you avoided stepping on the baby bird. What's a trip to Best Buy compared to a safe baby? Great story! Thanks for sharing.