Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q: The Quest-ion of Quitting

Question mark by Marco Bellucci
To quit or not to quit?  That is the question we face at times.  There are different things we quit: relationships, marriages, jobs, activities, diets.  We might think we have to quit dreaming and get back to reality.
Depending on how you're using it, quit has different connotations.  Quit can mean to leave a place or to stop, be at rest.  Or it can mean to give up. Your circumstances decides whether quitting is a good or bad idea.

 A few questions you should ask yourself before giving up or changing:
  • Why are you quitting?  Are you mad?  Upset? Moving with family?
  •  What will you do instead?  Is it better or just different?
  •  Do you really want to change? Who or what are you doing this for?
  • Is now the right time?  Are you being hasty? 
  • What's in it for you? Does quitting offer you an advantage?
  • Will your life be better if you quit? How?
  • How much have you invested into it? Time? Money?
  • If someone else were in your position what would you tell them? 
  • Do you have peace about it? 
  • Are those whose opinion you value in agreement?

Often quitting is too easy.  Quitting marriages, quitting jobs.  In a moment of frustration or anger we make a decision and act on it without thinking. Choices  like this shouldn't be made lightly.  Emotions should be involved, but we should temper them with rationality and at least a moment's thought, though when we have extreme emotions we should wait. 
When you quit something, weigh your decision carefully.  Someone once said to me "I heard you quit your boyfriend."  It was the first time I'd heard it said like that and it gave it a more permanent feel. Breaking up with someone was one thing, but quitting? I'm not a quitter.  But in that situation I was.
Quitting isn't necessarily a bad thing.  When we quit to pursue a dream or goal we've put on hold. Quitting to help care for a loved one. Quitting to gain some peace and rest.

To quit or not to quit? 

***For Writers:  What about that story you quit?  Why did you start it?  Why did you stop it?  Is it bothering you?  Maybe you should dust off the pages and try at it again.  Even if it's not a best seller you can call it finished.***


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are in the letter "Q". I still have to do "O". Well- - -with the stress I have been going through, I have not quit yet. I think I do get some credit.
    Great "Q" word. I think except for smoking and a couple other bad habits, one has to think before quitting, specially writing:)

  2. I myself have never entertained the thought of quitting. Maybe I am just not a quitter in anything I persue in life, except where some physical limitations are too challenging for me.