Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U: Uniquely Undivided

Everyone wants to belong somewhere.  We like to know we matter.  But too often we sacrifice who we are to be accepted. 
That's not a good plan, though.  Why?  The obvious answer is we lose ourselves.  The other answer is everyone else loses. 
We each have our own Unique way of doing things.  We bring certain personalities, skills, perspectives to the table and use unique talents to accomplish tasks.  Each part is necessary for the whole to run smoothly.  The body is the obvious example, but think about any system: a company, an ecosystem, a family. Groups rely on individuals. 
In R I talked about being who you really are.  In S I talked about Self-Confidence and Strength to be yourself.  It's not easy to be Unique.  The more visible roles get the attention.  Others seem to be promoted over us.  Certain positions get more money and prestige. It's hard to not compare ourselves to others. 
Yet, it's so important for an individual to do their job and not try to be what the aren't.  You know,the whole what if an ear was trying to do the eye's job? 

We think of being Unique as being different, standing out in the crowd.  But, it also is what Unites us, making us Undivided. If we have confidence in ourselves we don't need to pull down others to build ourselves.  We can even encourage them to succeed.   Balance is achieved.  Everybody wins.


  1. Oh, yeah, baby! (as Austin Powers might say) If you were to ask any one who knows me, they would say, "Yeah, she is unique" but then, I have had nearly 79 years to develop my uniqueness, and never been afraid to do so. :) Not braggin' or nuthin' but just sayin' it like it is... So pleased to meetcha! I agree with you wholeheartedly. Gotta run now, checkin' in on other bloggers, as I run down the list, tryin' to see every body. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy