Saturday, April 7, 2012

G: Gamble--go for the nuggets

Wahoo, we talked about fun, now we’re going to gamble.  Where I live we have two casinos within 10 minutes…

No, no, no…not gambling money.  Taking a chance.  In a way, though, it is gambling money—if it works, profits go up.  If it doesn’t you’ve lost time and productivity, which is translates to money.  This in addition to whatever monetary investment was made.

                Wow, sounds scary!  Why should I gamble at work?

                Think about chicken nuggets.  I’ve said before that I wish I’d invented chicken nuggets.  Someone took a chance on mashing parts of a bird (sometimes what bird is up for question) together and called them edible.  Look where it got him.

           In writing we take chances.  Just doing this AtoZ challenge is a risk.  What if nobody reads your posts?  What if they're no good?  If we listen to all the what ifs we won't finish...or even start to begin with.  But, think of everything we gain when we take the chance on putting our writing out there. Even rejections are a good experience. 

In health care chances are taken all the time.  It’s how new discoveries are made.  But it isn’t like a crap shoot in Vegas.  It’s calculated, based on ideas, research, and planning.  It starts with knowledge and then thinks how can this be improved? Without taking chances in medicine penicillin would still be mold on bread.  Dr. Michael DeBakey pioneered heart surgeries we take for granted now, one of which saved his own life.  Taking chances are risky, but in health care they not only improve quality, but also save lives.
Creativity says “what if we did it this way?”  Taking a gamble says “let’s try it.” What's the worst that can happen?  You fail?  In those cases you go back and try again.
                          If you stay with status quo, you’re assured of the outcome.  Color inside the lines you get a lovely picture, but one that looks like all the rest.  Take a chance, and you might have the next penicillin or chicken nuggets.
Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.
                Winston Churchill

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  1. I am saving that Churchill quote. My ex-husband is a gambling addict. He liked to point out that my writing life was like his gambling life. And, it is, but it isn't. They both have risks and investments, require skill and dedication. One causes extreme separation, while the other makes great connections.

    Play off the Page

    1. Anything we do--including writing--can be a problem if we do it to extreme. Religion, careers, eating, etc. But how much does it control you and what are the consequences of your actions? Addiction to gambling has far greater negative consequences than addiction to writing. Otherwise we'd see billboards that say "problems with writing? call 1-800..."

    2. Funny. And, the counselors would be former English teachers.

  2. OH, YES YES YES!!! I love taking Risks! I'm in the theatre, a professional performer & a published playwright, and a sometimes director. We talk about taking Risks in the theatre all the time and it's one of my favorite Noun/Verb/Adj's!
    Here's my performance site & an example of how I take risks almost every day performing: Houston Storyteller

    I'll follow you - great post! Thank you!
    Texas Playwright Chick

    1. the Houston Storyteller is a good example of taking risks in a positive way. Any time we want to try something new or different it's a gamble. But where would our world be if we didn't. Thomas Edison said
      I haven't failed. I just found 10,000 ways it didn't work. So I guess 10,001 was the light bulb?

  3. Mmm chicken nuggets. I totally agree with you, in fact I think that everything is a gamble. We cannot know how our lives will turn out and we have to take certain chances and gambles every now and again to get us to the places we're going. This was a great post!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

    1. The moment we get up and step outside we're taking a chance that life will go as we planned. But the good thing is, we know how to adapt and adjust. One of the greatest qualities God has given us is flexiblity.

  4. What a bodacious Churchill quote. And what a super post. EVERYTHING in life is a gamble. I gamble that my hubby loves me. I gamble that my kids will grow up remembering the values I have taught them. I love the 1-800-writing number. I sometimes think the family wants to call that number for me. Ha!

    Wonderful thoughts here. I'm following you back. *waving*

  5. What an interesting perspective on gambles. It's so true - nothing ventured, nothing gained:-)

  6. writing is definitely worth the gamble! it also inspires others to take chances too =)