Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C: Creativity--What if I did it this way?

From the very beginning of his career Phil Mickelson has played a style of golf that keeps his fans and caddie drinking Maalox by the gallon.  Why?  Creative thinking.  In sizing up a shot, many would look towards the hole, maybe thinking outside the box, but still in terms of the box.  To Phil’s thinking, there is no box. 
It’s important to stay innovative with fresh ideas in your career.  For one reason it keeps you from burn out.  And, it keeps you relevant to your position.   I know in medicine, especially in dealing with kids, you have to be able to see not just the horses, but also the zebras and the giraffes and elephants—the whole menagerie since kids don’t always play by the rules. 
When you're faced with a challenge at work, don't think in terms of problems.  Think in terms of how can we get this done.  If something's working, great.  Keep it.  But never stop thinking could this be done better?  If so, how?   Turn it around and see if there's another way beyond the box. 
Others will tell you that won't work.  Or that's crazy. Or nobody can do that. Maybe, but how do you know until you try?
This video was shot in 1992.  Since then Phil hasn't wavered from trying the impossible when it comes to his swings. When one of Phil's crazy shots falls short the announcers say "what was he thinking?"  But, when it lands right, the shots are nothing short of amazing. Pro that he is, more often than not Phil hits the mark.
Don’t just think how can I do this with what’s in place now.  Think:  What if we did it this way?  You might end up in a hazard, true.  But, you just might end up with a hole in one.


  1. Another inspiring post! Keep it up :) I'm looking forward to reading many more! I hope when I finish studying and find a job that I will use your tips to be a good employee!

    Thank you for your comment :) See you tomorrow!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  2. Good advice...I have a saying I heard years ago.

    'The answer is yes, now what's the question?' I find if you have a 'can do' attitude it also motivates people around you too.

    Best wishes with the challenge.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've never golfed, I was going to try it out this year with my boyfriend.

  4. Looking for new approaches is always a good thing to do. I've worked with children all my life and have often had to try different angles. I've learnt as much, maybe more, from them as they have learnt with me.