Thursday, April 26, 2012

W: Wilingness at Work

  • the mental faculty that enables one to consciously choose or decide on a course of action.
  • the act or process of exercising the power of choice.
  • cheerful compliance
Businesses need people who are willing to put forth an effort.  The desire to come to work on time and give 100% every day to do a good job is essential.  Yet these days doing a good job seems to be defined as showing up most of the time and only talking/texting half. Success has been relegated to "oh, well, he tried." That may work when you're five, but as adults it won't fly.  In business just trying doesn't pay the bills. 
Businesses want to be good to their employees, but they also have to make money.  Work isn't a party all the time.  You can't expect a bonus for doing what you should. You don't have to be the star employee but you do need to be productive. That means actually getting up and succeeding at something.

What are you willing to do at work?
  • Think of what you can do to be more productive?
  • Work extra to help colleagues?
  • Work the hours you're hired for?
  • Be courteous to colleagues and customers?
  • Change when needed?
  • Stand up for what's right?
  • Endure criticism  from less productive co-workers?
  • Be a team player?
As you're going through life you'll have jobs you don't like.  How you conduct yourself at these places will be a reflection on what you will do in a career you love

I've talked about balance, self-confidence, integrity, character, being yourself.  Your Willingness to Work is one way you show these qualities.  How do people see you?


  1. I managed for a few years and it's amazing the amount of people that believe all they have to do is show up. I'm already here, how much more do you expect? Umm...quite a bit more actually. They believed their job was a right instead of a privilege. Great post. :)

  2. Interesting subject!
    As someone who's self-employed (and has no employees), I very much depend on how others - outside others - see me. I'm pretty proud of my ability to respect deadlines, I think I'm agreeable on the phone (this is hard - I HATE talking on the phone, so it requires great effort to not be too monosyllabic) and I certainly put in the hours, often going above and beyond.
    My ex, who was also a translator for a while, didn't succeed in the business. Not because he wasn't a good translator (he is), but because he wasn't willing to go that extra mile to respect a deadline or complete a task.
    Willingness is indeed an important quality!
    Thanks for stopping by - even though my topic for "W" was a lot less thought-provoking (oh, and I always liked Tigger best too!).