Thursday, May 16, 2013

Possible PhD

I'll never understand why people like to go and mess up something that was perfectly fine. 
Our nursing board has changed our entry level to DNP instead of MSN for nurse practitioners.  Which would be okay, except that I've been thinking about going back so I can say I have a PhD.  It sounds cool.   So, this is the kick I need.
I follow my new friend Boots and Bluestockings  who finished school recently.  Her accomplishment has inspired me as well.
Happy Spring Gnome!
But, Dissertation.  It sounds like something too close to dessert, which should be good, but....
Has anybody done one of these? 
What have you wanted to do but keep finding excuses not to do?  What kick do you need in order to start it?

On a lighter note:  Elementary and Hannibal?  My two favorite crime solvers in one night?  Thank goodness for two TVs!
Question:  Will Graham vs Sherlock Holmes--who would win solving a crime involving voodoo rituals?

Doreen McGettigan  Pop-Culture and marketing.  Two great topics. 
Lydia: not one, not two, but THREE blogs!
           Chalk Outlines the name is great, nice pictures. 
           ReVue  arts and entertainment reviews of a different nature
           Haiku 365  A haiku a day...interesting photos, too...worth a look, this site
Misha Gericke--another multiple blogger.
           My First Book  great information regarding craft and publishing.  Also features fellow bloggers.
          Taking Charge of My Life--like the name implies; check it out
Maggie at ExpatBrazil  I've been to Brazil.  Wish I knew this site first.
Silvia @ Silvia Writes   stories as life tells them. 
Phillipscom. Ariel's Jotting  informative and inspirational
KaTy Did   check out the sunglasses and crazy "roads"
Ice Girl  where fashion and ice collide in beautiful form

One thing I'm impressed with is how many bloggers can keep up with more than one site.  One only has to look at mine to see how I dream big, but can't quite keep up.  Reading other's thoughts is encouraging.


  1. Hi Bethie .. I haven't done a PhD - good luck though .. and it should be interesting ..

    You've mentioned a few bloggers I know - and yes how you manage more than one blog amazes me - I can't even do one!

    Cheers to you ... and I'll get on that Route 66 soon .. Hilary

  2. I say go for it! I'v never done a dissertation, but isn't it just a shorter book you research? Not to simplify, but I thought thinking of that might make it sound not so scary...
    Thanks for your encouragement regarding my meth poem. Nice to have someone "get it".
    Sounds like this will be an amazingly busy month for you! I write like you...the parts I can't get, I leave out for later. I thought I was insane. Apparently I'm normal, so thanks for that! And thanks for visiting and commenting at Life is Good. I do appreciate it. Best of luck with your work, and may they sell like hotcakes.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  3. OOPS. I hate when I do that. You are the recipient of Tasha's comment as well...I have to cut and paste at most places and re-publish...Windows 8 hates me. Anyway, my apologies...

  4. Hi Bertie
    how very kind to give me a mention, you're a sweetie for sure, as many others have said You Rock.
    Now a quick question, who's this Will Graham who I think you refer to as being in I hope a new show, Hannibal. Is this new show please is it like Elementary? I adore Sherlock Holmes stories and Elementary is doing a great updated version, really enjoy the show and like to catch anything similar. In Brazil we get all the new shows from the states but generally a little later, excited to hear of something new.
    maggie@expat brazil

  5. I'd say go for it .. as someone else said research is fun, though I can't speak from experience when it comes to a PhD. Hmm.. solving a crime involving voodoo rituals ... intriguing.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  6. To Tina--I think Windows 8 has issues with everybody! Tasha's comments sound like a good blog to check out.
    I'll have to think of a dissertation as a "short book you research" Doesn't sound so ominious.
    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement.

  7. Good luck! I've never gone beyond my bachelor's degree, but I try to never stop learning new things. ;)