Friday, May 10, 2013

Special Edition of Celebrate Friday

Taking a Break
Those of you who read my E and U posts during the A to Z Challenge got to meet Erik Shepherd James--newest addition of the Tulsa James Gang.  
Creating Wordlenik just received a special announcement from Mr. James he would like to share with his blog fans:
At High Noon today Ava Mackenzie arrived in a Dallas Hospital. She is the daughter of Melanie and Jeremiah  She has the distinct honor of being little sister to Annabelle Fern and first cousin to Mr. James.

Silly Big Sis
Annabelle was excited to say Hello to this new Kitty in their home. Hugs and kisses were shared all around, though Annabelle couldn't take too much time out of her busy schedule.  She was overheard at the hospital as saying "I'm ready to go, Gee."
Ava was reported to have said "Are we going to Sonic for a Java Chiller?" This cannot be confirmed however. 
Mr. James is excited to share his newborn wisdom, though he says he does worry about being surrounded by so much estrogen. The biggest concern?  Now he'll have to scream louder. 
Mr. James would like to give a word of advice to his fans.  He learned this from Uncle J.  "Always tell the people at the hosptial first, especially Grandparents, before you post the announcement on Facebook."  It does seem like sage advice.

Ava certainly has taken Texas by storm--extending even into Southwest Louisiana!  We will have to keep track of these two feisty cowgirls. 


  1. Fantastic cause for celebration. Congrats to everyone.

  2. Thanks to all. Everyone is excited and doing well. She'll get to go home on Mother's Day.

  3. HI Bethie .. congratulations to little Ava - welcome to this wonderful world ... so pleased for you and the family - cheers Hilary

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  5. hey those are pretty cute kids..!