Monday, February 4, 2013

A Slow Start and Modifications

Slow and Steady Wins
Things don't go as planned, especially when you're trying to establish new habits. Obviously I didn't post yesterday, but for good reason.  I got my 500 words written. Wahoo!  It wasn't something old, but something new that kept being in my head.  I'm in the editing phase now.  Maybe it will be my Saturday post? 
Goals are always easy to think about when it's the weekend and your brain is all relaxed, right?  Then you realize it's Sunday evening and not only is something else competing for blog time, but you didn't wash clothes, do the dishes, vacuum, clean the bathroom, feed the fish.  The next thing you know it's already after midnight so you missed Sunday, and then alarm sounds and it's Monday again. 
It would be easy to just say "oh well, another thing I didn't do" and go to bed, putting off again my plans to be more disciplined in writing.
But, isn't it better to write on the day you didn't plan than to not write at all? 

As for articles, two have caught my eye to read:
Medical--Managing infants with bronchiolitis. The Clinical Advisor. 
     We are in RSV Season. Is there something I can be doing better?
Writing--Unkeeping a Journal.  The Writer's Guide to Creativity.
      Everyone says keep a journal.  But, an unkept journal?  Curious...

As I continue the week:  Wednesday will have reviews of both articles at WriterNP website.  Tomorrow evening visit two sites from friends who have been so kind to follow me.  I'm trying to get back into the social media loop.
Also signed up again this year for the A-Z challenge in April.  Now I have to come up with a topic!

More on Wednesday. 

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