Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Humanity of Social Media

Oh the humanity!
The icons smother me:  linkedin, facebook, twitter, hootsuite, pintrest all beg sign up here, log in there, post daily for best results, but do so between the hours of 1 and 1:30, 2:22 and 3:13 and only when the moon is 3/4 full-- drowning in a sea of social media, no life preserver.  Nobody to tell what kind of information  I should and shouldn't share.  Privacy settings?  Is privacy even possible on the Internet? How do I use it to promote myself and my work?  My brain has been totaled on the information highway.  Trapped in the wreckage, where are the jaws of life?
I wake up in a cold sweat, shivering in the remnants of the nightmare. Whew! Thank goodness it was just a dream.  It had seemed so real. 
My phone lets out a single bing and the screen brightens the room.  I look to see what has awakened my sleeping smart phone.
you have notifications pending on facebook.
Oh no!  It's real!
If I touch the phone will I lose my soul?
Oh wait, I forgot.  It's the first Saturday of the Month.  The Bayou Writer's Group meeting.  Live contact, icon free, no passwords to remember. I love the first Saturday because I get to talk to real writers who drink as much coffee as I do. I learn as much by how they say things as what they say.
Sure we talk about using social media for a few hours over dinner.  But it's not so scary when I have live people to talk to about it. I guess we were flapping our jaws of life. 

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